Immerse Yourself in the Mystery of The Witherford Man...

Delve into the world of The Witherford Man and discover an intricate tale of a haunting figure, a harrowing ordeal and a hidden truth.

Each month, we courier you a delivery box of hand-crafted objects, puzzles and clues that lead you into this deeply engrossing mystery. Work as a team with your friends to solve each box, or take on the challenge alone. As you move forward, you’ll be helped along by live Skype calls from characters in the story - your chance to test your theories and get the facts direct from the horse’s mouth!

Not only an intriguing mystery designed to test your investigatory skills,
The Witherford Man is also a moving and suspenseful drama that casts you as part of the story...

Max Lockhart thought moving to the countryside would give him what he needed ; peace. Instead, he is the target of bizarre and persistent harassment from a faceless stranger. 

After a severe trauma at work,
Max has been placed on mandatory leave, although he's not the kind to sit idle. He's made a major project of his recovery time by buying a block of forrest land and now plans to build a dream home amongst the trees. But he and his girlfriend Vanessa have only been in the country town of Witherford a week when things start to go wrong. 


Someone is leaving weird things around the property. Piles of animal bones arranged in complex patterns. Strange symbols carved into trees, painted on fences, scratched into windows. At first, Max dismisses it as kid's pranks, but then, he sees him in the woods. 

A man in a gas mask and a black coat. 


The locals have seen him before. Or so they say. The Witherford Man is a figure of legend, a myth, an old story that's told in the pub. He was a local woodsman who put down his axe in 1914 and went off to fight against the Kaiser. He was supposedly killed in action, but soon after, stories of a figure in a gas mask and cloak lurking in the woods started to spread... 

But this is the 21st century and ghosts don't exist.
Max is determined to get the bottom of what is really going on and why someone seems set on ruining all his plans for a happy future in  Witherford. No matter how dangerous it gets or what pressures it puts on his personal life.

And as if his world isn't complicated enough,
Max is being followed around by a film crew. They started off making a documentary about his working life but now, they're documenting his attempts to recover from trauma. 


You are the documentary makers, studying Max and following the trail of the enigma that is The Witherford Man

What will you discover?

A tortured spirit haunting the woods and angry at an unwanted intrusion?

An unbalanced local, who thinks they're something they're not? 

Or something much stranger and darker still?