What is SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE? What's included in my ticket price?

SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE! is a live, immersive crime solving game for teams or individuals. We take true crime unsolved mysteries and give you an interactive game environment in which to try you skills at finding the truth.

As soon as you book, you can warm up your sleuth muscles in our online Research Centre, solving some pre-game puzzles and familairising yourself with the case. Discover little-known information and potential links. Meet the suspects and hear their stories.

The week of your live investigation session, you or one of your teammates will need to pick up you Sleuth Pack from a secret drop site! The Sleuth Pack gives you the tools you'll need during your live session, helps you refine your theories and highlights things you might not have thought of.

During your live investigation session, you'll have 75 minutes to study the scene of the crime and other relevant sites, view reconstructions, search for clues, find evidence and interview the suspects. Then it's time to render your verdict! Have you cracked the case?

If you've nailed the supsect that Solved has, you'll nab your team a Winner's Pack, including photos on set, a social media package, winner's certificate and an invite to participate as V.I.P. Sleuths in the next case!

How long does my Live Investigation session run for?

You have 75 minutes to Crack the Case! The criminologist will be waiting for you at the crime scene. As soon as you cross the police tape, you're racing the clock as well as chasing the culprit!

How do I collect my Sleuth Pack? What happens if I can't collect it? Can I just pick it up at my Live Investigation session?

In the week leading up to your booked Live Investigation session, you'll recieve a message from E.J. letting you know where and when to collect your Sleuth Pack. Sleuth Packs are hidden at a secret drop site for you to find!
You'll locate the secret drop site using GPS co-ordinates and a few hints from E.J. (If you get stuck, you can always contact us for help!)

If you can't pick up your Sleuth Pack prior to your Live Investigation session, you can collect it at your Live Investigation session - but remember, you only have 75 minutes! You'll want to use that time to check out the crime scene and the more prepared you are, the better your chance of nabbing the killer!

How many people can I have on my team?

You can have a maximum of 10 Sleuths on your team.

If you're looking to book a private session for your team-bulding, function or coporate event, contact us here and we'll set you up with your own booking with a larger number of Sleuths.

What's the Research Centre? How do I gain access?

The Research Centre is where you can get into the world of the case you'll be investigating ahead of time. Once you've booked your tickets, you'll be sent a link to log in online and start your resesarch!

The Research Centre includes videos, interactive articles, clues, theories, suspect profiles and puzzles, all designed to prepare you for your Live Investigation session!

What if I can't solve all the puzzles in the Research Centre? Will that impact my Live Investigation session?

No, but solving the puzzles correctly may give you an advantage!

Where do I book my tickets for my team?

Tickets to SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE! are only available in our on-line ticket store here.

Where is my Live Investigation session playing?

SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE! plays all over the country at different locatons. Go here to check out where we have Cases playing now. When you book your tickets, you'll be able to download the location details for your Live Investigation session immediately in our ticket store.

Your Live Investigation session starts at the crime scene, reconstructed with care and accuracy by our Criminology team. You'll also be going to several other nearby sites, relevant to the case you're investigating.

What do I need to bring to my Live Investigation session?

You'll need your Sleuth Pack! If you haven't collected it from the Secret Drop site in the week leading up to your Live Investigation session, you'll be able to collect yours from the criminologist at the venue.

You will also need an internet enabled smart phone with a QR reader, as some parts of your investigation will require you to view online elements. If you need to download a QR reader, you can grab one for free in the App Store or on Google Play.

We encourage all Sleuths in your team to bring a pen and paper.

Do I need a car to play SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE ?

You do need to be able to visit several sites during your Live Investigation session.

Those sites are always within ten minutes of the crime scene, so you can ride a bike or grab an Uber, or sometimes even walk, if you don't have a car of your own. However, we do recommend that all teams have their own car transport to maximise the time you have to investigate!
If you have any queries about the travel time needed between sites in a particular case and/or location, please contact us here.

How hard are the puzzles involved in SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE? What kind of skills will I need?

You'll be investigating some of the world's most enduring mysteries, so not everything is going to be easy! Some of the puzzles are quite challenging, whilst others are not as difficult. We feel we've provided a range of difficulties, from some suited to the novice to those set to stump the mastermind sleuth! Likewise the kind of puzzles involved! Some are image and idea based, while others are logic or mathematics based. There's something for everyone! And remember, you don't need to solve them all to crack the case - but it'll certainly help you get more of the info if you do!

How close to the real cases are SOLVED reconstructions? Have you added or changed anything? How have you arrived at your verdict?

We've certainly taken some artistic licence, but a great deal of criminology research has gone into compiling our cases. Our writers have studied all of the available information in each case and distilled everything into an engrossing narrative for you to investigate.

We've looked into many different theories on each case, as well as discovering new ones of our own. We've settled on our verdict based on the final outcome of all of our investigation of the real case.

What about cases where family members of the real victim may still be alive? How are you respecting them?

We've treated this issue with the utmost care. Most cases in SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE use crimes that are either from a long time ago or are a matter of great and detailed public record.

We don't investigate cases where there is potential for a victim's family to be offended and we don't use any material that's confidentail or in poor taste.

Where a case uses a real world crime that is more recent or has any potential to pose a privacy issue for anyone, we have instead used fictionalised elements based on the true events.

Am I able to change the date of my Live Investigation session once I've booked?

All SOLVED : CRACK THE CASE! bookings are final at the time of purchase. A great deal of preparation goes into every SOLVED case, so we are unable to transfer your tickets to a different date once you've booked. We don't refund tickets based on wrong choice/change of mind, so please choose carefully.
In the unlikely event that we need to postpone your Live Investigation session, we'll book you in for a new date or provide you with a full refund if you can't make it.